pdxrmb at vaxa.nott.ac.uk pdxrmb at vaxa.nott.ac.uk
Wed May 11 05:56:21 EST 1994

This is a desperate appeal for help- since I have run out of ideas!!! My 
problem is the amplification of a genomic insertion sequence containing
four perfect inverted repeats. So far I have tried  Hot starts, Touchdown
,DMSO, deaza-GTP and even SSB (single stranded binding protein) with no 
success. Has anybody got any suggestions?? The problem seems to be how to
destabilse the predicted secondary structure without impairing primer ann-
ealing. Presumably if I can genearate a Deaza substituted copy of the seq-uencse PCR should be possible. All comments and suggestions are welcome, and thanks
in advance. 


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