UV/Vis Spectroph - which one do you like best?

U10784 at uicvm.uic.edu U10784 at uicvm.uic.edu
Thu May 12 10:43:40 EST 1994

Hi, Bionetters;

We are still on a shopping spree -isn't it good once in a while? - but the numb
er of choices is staggering and technical mumbo-jumbo is intimidating.

So, if you can e-mail me some reasons why you like - orDO NOT like ;-) - your s
ystem I will really appreciate your help.

If there is sufficient interest I will post a summary.


Victor (U10784 at uicvm.cc.uic.edu)

PS. If there is an archive for this kind of info give me a pointer, will you?
BTW, I scanned archive for this group and got nothing; maybe we should start a
special group for those who are looking for purchasing info? :-)

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