Philip L. Carl plc at med.unc.edu
Thu May 12 10:25:51 EST 1994

I have been trying to determine the 5' end of a partial c-DNA using the
elegant procedure published recently by Bertling et al. (PCR Methods and
Applications 3:95-99).  On paper, this method appears to me to be far
superior to the other methods for 5' RACE since the required 5' adapter
is added in a DNA ligase reaction rather than by tailing with terminal
deoxynucleotide transferase or attachment of a 5' adapter with RNA ligase
which is used in several of the commercial kits.  Despite the promise of
the technique we have not had any success yet, so the purpose of this
notice is to ask if anyone else has had experience with this method either
pro or con.  Those who have not seen it may want to check it out and get
into the fun (?).

Phil Carl

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