Mycoplasma Detection

Marion Freistadt mfreis at
Fri May 13 12:13:54 EST 1994

>Could anyone out there help me with mycoplasma detection in tissue culture. The
>service we used to use has been withdrawn so we need to either find
>somewhere cheap to test for us or develop our own 'in house' method.
>If anyone has any suggestions please mail me direct.
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We've tried two approaches---Hoeschst dye and Stratagene's mycoplasma PCR
kit.  The first method is cheaper.  You just but the dye from sigma and
follow the staining protocal in Culture of animal cells by Freshny.  The
problem is it's very difficult to interpret the results without a positive
control.  The stratagene kit is pretty good.  There is some ambiguity in
interpretation, but it's better than the dye.
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