Why won't MACAW work on Windows?

Andrew Simmonds asimmond at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Fri May 13 22:26:09 EST 1994

C741SCB (C741SCB at SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU) wrote:
: I recently ftp'd a copy of MACAW (software for sequence
: alignment) and tried to run it on a 486 machine with 4meg and
: windows 3.1.  I followed all the instructions, but when I try to
: run it, I just get a message saying "This program requires
: Microsoft Windows."   I'm RUNNING it from Microsoft Windows!
: What gives?

Common problems with FTP...

1) Did you remember to set your FTP software to BINARY? before 
transferring the program?

2) Did you un-acrhive the program before using it?  
	- common extensions for archived programs ... .ZIP .ARC  etc.
	- some archives have the extension .EXE normally associated with 
programs as they are actually self-extracting.  Typing the program name 
from a DOS window will extract the program from it's compressed state.  
Thus, even though the program has an .EXE extension it actually can not 
be "understood" by Windows until it is decompressed./

Hope this helps.

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