Dry sterilization

Sebastian W. Bunka seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at
Mon May 16 08:25:50 EST 1994

Victor Jimenez G. (vjimenez at BRIBRI.CI.UCR.AC.CR) wrote:
: Hello,
: 	Does anybody know what are the needs in temperature and time for
: complete dry sterilization of glassware, forceps, etc. in an oven, stove
: or something similar.
: 	It was told to me that 2 hours at 80C (170F) would be enough.

: Thanks in advance,

: Victor
: vjimenez at bribri.ci.ucr.ac.cr

The recommendation is: 

at least 160 degCelsius for > 2 hrs.

But: if you sterilize knifes or scissors, remember they won't cut
very good anymore after several cycles...


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