DDRT-PCR Primers

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Mon May 16 04:21:06 EST 1994

In article <suhy.4.2DD6EB53 at kea.lincoln.ac.nz> suhy at kea.lincoln.ac.nz (Hung-Yi Su) writes:
>Hi Everyone:
>I am going to do the differential display of RNA from mouse skin.  However, 
>although I've read some discussion in NEWS, I have not had any experience on 
>these techniques.  Would you have any suggestion?  Could you tell me which 
>commercial RT-PCR kits containing primers (both anchored oligo-dT and random 
>10-mer) for differential display?  What are the company names, addresses and 
>Fax numbers for this RT-PCR kit?  Thanks for your help.
>Hung-yi Su
>Animal and Veterinary Science Group
>Lincoln University
>PO BOX 84  Canterbury
>New Zealand
>FAX +64-3-3253851
>E mail SUHY at kahu.lincoln.ac.nz

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