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In article <2r8t47$dip at vixen.cso.uiuc.edu>, erwg0233 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu (Erik Robert Wilson) writes:
>  As a practical question, is there anything that we as the
>readership of bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts (or any other group) can
>do to help control garbage like *** MAKE MANY MONEY FAST!! ***.  I
>am tired of seeing pyramid schemes on the network (and it must be
>far worse for those without good newsreader software).  When I get
>one of these things through surface mail I forward it to the postal
>inspector but I am not sure what to do when they show up on electronic
>media.  Comments?
| Erik Wilson              |

Yes: 1. **Forward** the post back to "postmaster at sender's address" with
        something to the effect: "Here is an illegal post to bionet.XXX by
        one of your people" in the subject line.

     2. **Resist** any attempt to post a disparaging comment like the one 
        Obviously, anyone who is posting such a message is likely doing it 
        to a number of news groups which they don't intend to read and/or
        are not likely to be disturbed by anyone's response.  Even though 
        the single original post was bad enough (i.e., I took the time to 
        do #1 above), it was exacerbated by another 5 or 6 posts like the
        one above, which can sometimes go as high as 10-20 such responses.

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