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Mon May 16 18:29:44 EST 1994

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>I have no problem with 60 messages a day as presented in a menu based
>reader like nn or tin. If these messages were dispersed across several 
>subgroups, that WOULD be a problem. 
>The desire to fractionate good working groups I find is usually a reflection 
>of weak newsreading software or perhaps insufficient hardware at some sites
>to keep up the ever increasing pace. As the net grows so must the 
>newsreading software and hardware.
>J. Graham

I heartily endorse this view and have been trying to encourage people
to use news software for years.  Unfortunately somewhere around 40% of
our readers still utilize e-mail.  One can debate whether concessions
should be made for the purpose or not.  I personally would prefer that
people get the right tools for the job at hand, but in many cases that
is out of readers' control locally.  However, cheap public Internet
access along with news software access is becoming an increasingly
widespread commercial option for those who can not get their campus
computer centers to budge.

Dave Kristofferson

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