Subcloning from polyacrylamide gels

David Hoffman dhoffman at spot.Colorado.EDU
Tue May 17 17:30:52 EST 1994

jenfedaque at writes:


>Does anyone know a simple and reliable method of subcloning DNA fragments
>form acrylamide mini-gels?

>I used to do it in agarose gels, but for small fragments, PAGE's resolution is
>better, so...I wonder if there is a convenient way to recover the DNA. 
>(Please, without time-spending electroelutions...etc.)

I've had good luck (and results) subcloning from bacteriophage lambda clones
by working directly from the restriction enzyme digestions, without an inter-
mediate fragment prep of any sort.  E-mail me if you have some questions.

Dave Hoffman

>Thank you,

>				Please, reply to:	
>Josefina Enfedaque		josefina at
>Dept. Microbiology
>Univ. Barcelona (Spain)

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