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Tue May 17 05:18:08 EST 1994

In article <199405151543.IAA28138 at>, kristoff (David Kristofferson) writes:
> During all of 1993 there were 6187 messages posted to the METHODS
> newsgroup.  This year, undoubtedly because of the publicity generated
> by Paul Hengen's TIBS column, the postings are up to 8080 as of this
> one by just 15 May 1994.  This is about 60 messages per day!!
> Are we reaching overload yet??  Please note that there is currently
> under discussion on BIOFORUM/bionet.general a proposal for an
> OLIGONUCLEOTIDES group, and, although a past attempt to split off a
> group from METHODS failed decisively, perhaps it may be time to
> consider other proposals again?

Hi all,

I would prefer the METHODS to stay together at this stage. Molbiol methods 
overlap fields so much that I would just have to subscribe to any splinter 
groups as well. I suspect that this would be the case for most people.

It only takes a sort time to peruse 60 or more titles and select the relevant 
postings for reading or answering. Perhaps postings could be reduced by 
encouraging people to look first in the molbiol bibles (Manniatis, the RED 
book etc) for answers. However, at present such enquiries only take up less 
than 20% of postings. In addition, keeping titles specific helps.

Just my thoughts. Whatever happens, it's a great group.

Ian (polk at

Ian Polkinghorne
NERC Institute of Virology
& Environmental Microbiology
Mansfield Rd, Oxford  UK 

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