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David Kristofferson <kristoff at> wrote:

>... somewhere around 40% of our readers still utilize e-mail.

Judging by your post in bionet.announce, in order to calculate this
figure you assumed that Usenet readers responded to your survey at
the same rate as e-mail readers.  I am *sure* that Usenet readers do
*not* respond to survey requests at the same rate as e-mail readers,
and I would guess that your survey underestimates Usenet readership
by a very large ammount.  Of course, I don't have any better data.

>... cheap public Internet access along with news software access is
>becoming an increasingly widespread commercial option for those who
>can not get their campus computer centers to budge.

If the campus has Internet access, then local users can have Usenet
access simply by installing their own NNTP-compatible newsreaders,
configured to access the nearest Usenet server.  For instance, Yale
University serves Usenet to students at a number of local colleges,
and scientists at a national laboratory several thousand miles away.

All it takes is a little hard work to figure out what you need and
how to make the parts all work smoothly.  If you have money but no
time, *then* commercial access providers are the way to go.

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