Invitrogen's Xpress system- is it good?

Simon Dawson mbxspd at
Tue May 17 07:59:48 EST 1994

We are now routinely using the Xpress system for purification of
proteins for use as antigens and for functional proteins. Personally, I
have just used it for preparing antigens for antibody generation.
  The system seems extremely easy to use and so far (touch wood!) has
worked flawlessly. The yield of fusion protein seems reproducibly high
and purification is very straight forward using the nickel resin.
  As far as interference by the his-tag goes, I have found little/no
interference in the production of antibodies and a colleague in the
laboratory managed to produce an active enzyme which didnt seem to be
affected by the presence of the his-tag. We havnt as yet tried
enterokinase cleavage of the peptide away from the expressed protein.
  If you want any further information, feel free to drop me a line via
email :)

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