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Wed May 18 15:24:40 EST 1994

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> In article <9405161751.AA16297 at selway.umt.edu> bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU ("Michael van Waes") writes:
>    >Just a curious question for you RNA experts. Our lab is only just starting to
>    >get into RNA work and we have just managed to isolate what appears to be intact
>    >RNA from the Gram positive organism Clostridium perfringens. Here in lies the
>    >problem. The RNA looks fine when run on a formamide/formaldehyde denaturing

During the transfer if the RNA is degraded (some do it intentionally to
facilitate transfer) when it hybidizes to the membrane the pieces that are
too small will have no open unhybidized areas to bind to the probe. The
entire piece of RNA does not bind to the membrane but only certain areas
do. If the pieces are too small then the entire molecule binds leaving no
open loops for the probe to bind to.

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