The complete nucleotide sequence for transposon Tn5

Kenn Rudd rudd at
Wed May 18 08:56:18 EST 1994

We at GenBank greatly appreciate the efforts made by scientists to
improve and correct the database. A large number of people make such
efforts and it really helps. In the case of the TN5 entry, the complete
correct sequence of this transposon provided by Paul Hengen has been
available in GenBank as U00004 since June 2, 1993. A second version of
this sequence with the identical nucleotides was also submitted as
L19385 by A.Bradbury. We have records of having received U0004 from Dr.
Hengen but not of having received the merged and updated annotation for
U00004/L19385 last year. We were recently informed that the two authors
had done the merge but that the entry with the corrected annotation (the
sequence itself does not change) had not appeared. Dr. Hengen sent us
the entry shown in the post about a week ago and it has appeared in the
GenBank daily updates already. We apologize for any confusion on our
part and are pleased that the correct version is now available thanks to
the efforts of these two scientists. We try to respond promptly when
informed of problems with updates and we encourage users to continue to
let us know when they notice anything like this.

You can send any messages regarding problems, corrections, or
suggestions for entries in GenBank to "update at".

                                         Jim Ostell

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