shantaram bharadwaj sb at biotech.ssf.ernet.in
Wed May 18 08:22:01 EST 1994

Hi folks,
        Im trying to study differential gene expression using 
        arbitrarily primed  RNA-PCR and my sample size is quite 
        big ie., I am comparing between six to seven treatments.  
        So, is it possible to do it without using radioactivity?
        If so, should I start with higher amounts of RNA or primers?
        What are the standardisations I will have to do in this 
        case?  To separate the products, which one is better, denaturing
        gels or native gels?  
        Since Iam trying this technique for the first time, also
        suggest some do's and dont's.
            Thanks in advance.              

Shantaram Bharadwaj
sb at biotech.ssf.ernet.in

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