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>> > Does anybody know a quick, easy method for concentrating 
>> > DNA sample, such as for sequencing?
>> > Thanks in advance!
>> > 
>> > Wei
>> Precipitate it  and resuspend it in a smaller volume.
>Even easier, 
>put it in a speedivac dessicator/evaporator and dry the DNA down.
>Resus it in a smaller volume of water.
Easier yet, but about $3/sample are centricons and centripreps sold by 
Amicon, inc. in Massachusetts.  They are molecular filters.  They have 
various cut-off molecular wts.  Since mol wt of a typical plasmid is 
greater than 2 million, I find the 100,000 cut off the obvious choice.  Use 
centricon-100 if sample is less than 2ml. Final vol will be about 50 ul.  
If sample is between 2 and 15ml, use centriprep-100.  Final vol will be 

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