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>> During all of 1993 there were 6187 messages posted to the METHODS
>> newsgroup.  This year, undoubtedly because of the publicity generated
>> by Paul Hengen's TIBS column, the postings are up to 8080 as of this
>> one by just 15 May 1994.  This is about 60 messages per day!!

> Dave, as new netters join, some of the same questions that have been covered
> many times over will be asked again.  This is inevitable.  I know the FAQ is
> available, but new netters will have to wait a month to see it or may not even
> recognize it when it is reposted.  May I suggest that we see an outline of the
> FAQ more often than every 30 days or so.  A list of protocols for items that
> have appeared more than once(10 times?) be shown and a description of how to
> access the FAQ file.  Maybe even a reminder that the FAQ is available might
> help.
> In my company the news treads are held for only 7 days then dumped and I don't
> wish to print the FAQ every month for changes and updates.

New users of BIOSCI/bionet may want to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" or
"FAQ" sheet for BIOSCI. The FAQ provides details on how to participate in these
forums and is available for anonymous FTP from [] in
pub/BIOSCI/biosci.FAQ. It may also be requested by sending e-mail to
biosci at (use plain English for your request). The FAQ is also posted
on the first of each month to the newsgroup BIONEWS/bionet.announce immediately
following the posting of the BIOSCI information sheet.
The FAQ list for bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts is available by anonymous FTP
from as the file pub/methods/FAQlist. It is also available by
If you don't know how to use FTP to obtain the FAQ list, you may request a
copy by e-mail to pnh at
FTP archives of all the BIOSCI/bionet messages are available at
[] in /pub/BIOSCI. Contact biosci at for further help or
comments on the archives.

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