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Thu May 19 09:47:41 EST 1994

On Thu, 19 May 1994 11:08:43 +0000, 
Duncan Clark  <Duncan at> wrote:

>One of the FAQs for this newsgroup gives details on accessing Medline. The
>phone no. given to open an account is a toll free US 800 number which I 
>cannot use from the UK. So has anyone another number or Email address for
>opening a Medline account through Medlars?

I have the MEDLARS numbers (from 1990, hope they are still  current):  
1-800-638-8480 and 1-301-496-6139.  This is to access the Medlars Mgmt 
section , Natl. Library of Medicine.  Ther are also numbers for all 
NLM service inquiries:  1-301-496-6308 and 1-800-272-4787.  Accounts for 
MEDLARS are made through NTIS (Natl. Tech. Info. Serv.) in in Springfield, 
Virginia.  They list 703-487-4650 as a telephone number and 703-487-4650 as 
a FAX number for ordering.  In the US the, NTIS lists a one-stop -shopping 
number for NLM services of 1-800-423-9255.  I cannot find a non-800 number 
for this service.

One can telnet to the Medlars computer, but you cannot logon without an 
account.  I cannot seem to find an NLM info gopher or E-mail address 
(other than for Grateful Med help), so try the numbers listed above.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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