p68 discussion

Thu May 19 22:50:47 EST 1994

Dear netters:
First of all, I want to thank all those people who replied to me about 
their suggestions. p68 can well be HSP or BSA or p68 kinase. BSA is 
the primary suspect in this case because, as others have voiced out their
concern, it is in the medium (as well as the virus inoculumn we used for 
infection). We now are doing infection without BSA to see if that changes
Then I want to make some comments to Stephen whom without knowing the 
whole p68 story, wrote two irrelavent e-mails to this bulletin board. I replied
this here to simply remind him that (1). you don't have to reply if you think
it is a stupid question (2). you should not reply if you can not provide a
emotion-free attitude (3). You have had a good mentor which was fortunate for
you. Then he must have also taught you to keep your mind open and  not to
jump to your own conclusion judging people from ONE sentence. 
Finally, I like to apologize to all you have to bear this. And I will only
say hopefully let us try to keep all the discussions here in focus.  wen

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