HELP: Which Thermanl Cycler to Buy?

Tim Nickles tnickles at beagle.Colorado.EDU
Fri May 20 13:38:15 EST 1994

Hi Folks.  OUr lab is in the market for a thermal cycler, the one I
have looked at is an Ericomp, dual block cycler.  This machine can
take two combo blocks that hold 60 0.5 ml and 45 0.2 ml tubes each with
the controller able to cycler the blocks independently (like having 2
machines).  There is also a heated lid option that supposedly allows
one to forego the use of mineral oil or other vapor barrier.

Does anybody out there have any other suggestions for machines to look
Does anybody have experience with Ericomp?  Are they good? Reliable?

Does anybody have experience with the heated lid system?  Does it really

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