How do you reduce backgrounds...?

Deepti Pradhan PXH at
Mon May 23 07:47:15 EST 1994

I would really appreciate any suggestions from nettors on how I could reduce
the nonspecific signals I am getting in my cDNA library screening.  I should
mention that my hybridization and washes are at 68o [SSC protocol, no
formamide here].  I did not have this problem before, when I was using an
oligo probe.  The first time I saw this I thought my DNA was not clean , so
I cut it again [it's in bluescript], extracted, made fresh probe and I
*still* see everything light up.  Since it is a primary screen, it's got to
be nonspecific signals.  BTW the library is in gt11.  This is the first time
I am doing this stuff, so *any* [constructive :)] suggestions would be

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