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Mon May 23 12:52:13 EST 1994

Jane Harrison (JEB.Harrison at wrote:
: I have a problem with my 96 well plates, the edges keep drying out even
: when I have put water in the provided holes to maintain some humidity.  

Have you considered putting your plates in a constant humidity chamber.
You can make one easily. For example, if you have just a few plates, use
saturated salt soln (NaCl) in a Tupperware container (say, 100 ml). Put
something in the bottom of the container to put your plates on (to raise
your plates off the bottom). As long as you have the lid on, you can
maintain constant humidity in the container. By using different types of
salts (NaCl, MgSO4, etc) you can maintain different humidity. I
think saturated brine will provide almost 100% humidity. None of your
wells will lose moisture then.

For large numbers of plates, Rubbermaid makes all kinds of plastic
containers (for shoes, sweaters, etc) that you can purchase at K-Mart or
Wal-Mart. If you must see the plates, you can use a 5 0r 10 gal fish tank.

Hope this helps.
Shiao Wang
University of Southern Mississippi

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