Slanted Bands on Agarose Gels

Christopher W Botka cwbotka at MERCURY.SFSU.EDU
Tue May 24 02:52:15 EST 1994

Has anyone experienced bands(DNA) that run slanted on an agarose gel? -
i.e. the bottom of the EtBr stained frag. of DNA seems to be migrating
faster than the top.  This phenomenon occurs with all samples on the gel
including the ladder and conc. stds.  However, it only occurs occasionally,
and we have not been able to figure out why, although not from lack of
effort.  We have varied current,  gel set up time, buffer, agarose brand,
electrical socket (strictly voodoo), to no avail...

Any input would be appreciated.  The data is still there, but it is ugly!


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