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On 23 May 1994 06:10:51 GMT,
  Jane Harrison writes:

>I have a problem with my 96 well plates, the edges keep drying out even
>when I have put water in the provided holes to maintain some humidity.  I
>am growing virus which takes 5-7 days to infect fully under the growing
>conditions, and I can't seem to stop the plates starting to dry out in this
>time.  The cells require air flow so I can't parafilm the plates to keep
>the mositure in. 
>Any ideas welcome.

I assume you are working with a humidified incubator.

You are not going to like the solution I adopted to this in my tissue 
culture days 'cos it became very expensive on plastic (I was cloning EBV 
transformed monkey cells which took a couple of months to come up!). Forget 
about trying to grow cells in the outer rim of wells of the 96 well plate - 
I filled the outer rim of wells as full as safely possible with sterile 
dH2O (plus pen/strep/fungizone if you are paranoid) and kept topping it up 
regularly throughout the life of the culture. If things are really bad, do 
this for the outer 2 rows (see what I mean about expensive on plastic!).

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