Protein preconcentration

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>Subject: Protein preconcentration
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>Dear Netters,
>    I am trying to preconcentrate proteins extracted from plants. I hv to 
>this date being unsuccessful.

A number of ways: one from Les Lane at U Nebraska at Lincoln is to extract 
your proteins with phenol, then ppte them out of the phenol phase with 5 vol 
of cold methanol, wash with methanol, then resusp in Laemmli buffer.

Another is to acetone ppte - but in my hands, this resulted in nasty insoluble 

Another is to ppte with polethylene glycol/salt mixtures: you can go up to 20% 
PEG6000 with 2.5% salt, should ppte everything, and kindly enough to be able 
to resusp without boiling in SDS/2-ME.

Have fun,

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