Slanted Bands on Agarose Gels

Brian Foley brianf at
Wed May 25 10:21:34 EST 1994

Christopher W Botka (cwbotka at MERCURY.SFSU.EDU) wrote:
: Has anyone experienced bands(DNA) that run slanted on an agarose gel? -
: i.e. the bottom of the EtBr stained frag. of DNA seems to be migrating
: faster than the top.  This phenomenon occurs with all samples on the gel
: including the ladder and conc. stds.  However, it only occurs occasionally,
: and we have not been able to figure out why, although not from lack of
: effort.  We have varied current,  gel set up time, buffer, agarose brand,
: electrical socket (strictly voodoo), to no avail...

: Any input would be appreciated.  The data is still there, but it is ugly!

: -CWB

	I would suspect a difference in buffer strength between gel and 
running buffer.  Try immersing your poured gels in running buffer for a 
few hours before the run.  I usually pour a few gels at a time and then 
store them in a small tank of buffer in the refridgerator.  When I need 
to run a gel, I just pull one out and go.

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