2 step ligation request

A. Mckenzie MCKENZIEA at gate2.cc.unp.ac.za
Wed May 25 05:28:28 EST 1994

If anybody could send me the info re 2-step ligations which is in
Biotechniques 15(3):448-452, 1993 (which we dont get in South
Africa) I would be more than grateful. I am trying to do a
directional cloning which involves cutting vector and insert with
one common and one incompatible enzyme. The idea is to ligate the
common ends, then blunt end the two incompatible ends, then
ligate them. I have very little DNA and don't want to mess up.

Thank you

My e-mail address is mckenziea at botany.unp.ac.za
postal address is Botany Dept, University of Natal, Private Bag
X01, Scottstville, 3209, Natal, South Africa.

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