New internalisation molecule Penetratin-1

Graham Atherton grggta at
Wed May 25 03:32:35 EST 1994

I have just received information from Appligene of a new product called 
penetratin-1. This is a 16aa protein which can be linked to oligo's
(sense or antisense) or polypeptides (up to 15aa so far). Addition of this 
molecule to the medium in which your eukaryotic cells are growing results
in it being rapidly and efficiently taken up. The more you add, the more is
taken up, up to 20uM. These claims are potentially very useful to us. They
give references going back to 1991 so does anyone know of this system and
if these claims can be substantiated? How useful is this system for antisense
/protein internalisation work?
All comments appreciated
Graham Atherton

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