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> Hello out there, I need some URGENT help.  My lab is contemplating buying
> a Coy TempCycler II Model 110S.  These guys' thermal cyclers are new to this
> part of the world and we have no idea what they are like.
Dear Simon 
  I have been using a Coy TempCycler II Model 110S for two years. It 
works quite well. The weak point of this model is you have to pour the 
glycerin into the wells inthe block, half full. If you adding to much 
glycerin, the problem may arise when ever you move or push the machine. 
The glycerin will spill downward on to the temp control board causing the 
unit will not cycle, remains at step 1 of program begin run.
  So, remove the glycerin from the incubate block before shippping or moving.

Hope this helps

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