Ethidium Bromide Alternatives?

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Wed May 25 22:58:56 EST 1994

Timothy Bushnell (bushnt at wrote:
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: (Philip Heacock) wrote:
: >Hello, is there a less toxic (or safer) alternative to ethidium bromide?
: >We thought of dying the DNA with ethidium homodimers (from Molecular Probes)
: >but I am a little woried that this stuff is going to be a whole lot more
: >mutigenic. The plus side of the homodimer is you stain the DNA before you run
: >it on the gel, thus you use less than 0.1 ng per lane.  Thanks for your help.
: >
: >Phil Heacock

A few months ago there was talks on this net that said that EtBR is
nonmutagenic to us because it's incapable of entering the cells.Are there
any confirmations of this? 

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