which BSA?

Tue May 31 17:07:03 EST 1994

On 26 May 1994, Frances Hannan wrote:

> Help!@!
> I am trying to make up 50xDenhardt's and my BSA won't dissolve.
> I have tried Sigma A2153 and A4503. Neither works. Can anyone help?
> ADVthanksANCE
> Frances Hannan
> BILMS, Zoology, Cambridge, UK
> flh at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk

A professor on sabbatical in my lab showed me a good trick to get BSA to 
dissolve and to avoid making the big glob of goo upon stirring, etc.  You just 
sprinkle the whole amount you need to dissolve on top of your desired solvent in
a small beaker.  You must allow enough time, it takes about 30 min. to dissolve 
1 g in 100 ml of Tris-buffered saline.  The beauty of the method is you just 
leave it, do something else, and  voila!  I think it will work with most any BSA
but we typically use fraction V, essentially fatty acid-free - I believe (from 

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