Cutting plasmid inside inverted repeats?

Ed Beaty ed_beaty at
Tue May 31 21:23:19 EST 1994

Hello again, again...

I think I figured out why I can't cut the inverted repeats in my plasmid
with restriction endonucleases:  The reference is D.M. Lilley and L.R.
Hallam, J Biomol Struct Dyn 1: 169-82 (1983).  The abstract says that some
inverted repeats in negatively supercoiled plasmids may form a cruciform
structure that is resistant to cleavage by restriction enzymes, but is
hypersensitive to single-strand-specific nucleases like S1.  

Well, ya learn something new every day.  Anyway, I'll dig around a bit
before I beg for help next time.  Or not...  

Ed Beaty
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