Quantitative protein determinations in plant extracts

Ragnar Flengsrud biorf at nlh10.nlh.no
Tue Nov 1 02:13:39 EST 1994

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> what is an absolute method of protein determination in plant extracts
> besides gravimetric analysis? in particular, does anyone have data on how
> nitrogen combustion, Kjeldahl or any other method compare when
> determining total protein content in any kind of crude preparations? we
> are getting pretty large differences between lowry (folin), BCA and
> bradford assays. these were done with BSA as a standard, and all buffer
> inteferences were eliminated.
> bip


Amino acid analysis is the only reliable method I know of here. Try doing a
BCA-test on the same sample(s). This will give you a correlation factor, so
you dont have to do amino acid analysis repeatedly.


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