DEPC treated water in PCR

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>> Does anyone know if DEPC-treated water will cause problems in PCR?  I just
>> found out that some of my oligo primers were diluted in DEPC water and they
>> don't seem to work anymore.  Thanks.
>the problem that you may be having is not with the DEPC, but with the water
>itself.  primers which are diluted in water rather than Tris or TE (my
>personal favorite) break down much more quickly than if they are in a
>buffered solution.  FWIW, i always elute, dilute or whatever-lute DNA
>(oligos, cDNAs, genomic, etc.) in TE (10mM Tris, 1mM EDTA pH8) and end up
>having much better luck with them.
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Be careful diluting primers, nucleotides etc in 10mM Tris 1mM EDTA.  The
EDTA mops up your magnesium and can kill your PCR.

I prefer 10mM tris, 0.1mM EDTA which works just as well.

Cheers, Klaus

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