Info server for Primers, Probes useful in natural populations

Tue Nov 1 12:38:08 EST 1994

As part of a collaborative grant to develop hypervariable markers
for several wild vertebrate species, we are wondering if it would be
useful to create an INTERNET accessible source of primers, probes,
species they work in, applicability (eg. parentage analysis versus
mtDNA biosystematics etc.), literature references and so on. Or does
such a resource already exist? Any suggestions pro or con, or models
of how such a resource might best be implemented, are welcomed.
Please reply to me by email and I will summarize if warranted.

Peter T. Boag			TEL: (613) 545-6160
Department of Biology		FAX: (613) 545-6617
Queen's University		EMAIL: BOAGP at QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA
Kingston, Ontario
Canada  K7L3N6


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