pCG4 plasmid availability

Patric Lundberg psl at ahabs.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 1 00:44:12 EST 1994

Does anyone know if the plasmid pCG4 is available in the US?  The plasmid
was originally cloned by Galup et al. in 1987, and contains a 343 bp
region of mouse chromosome 5 which allows it to be episomally maintained
in the host.  The groups of Cuzin and Rassoulzadegan at U. of Nice in
France have used the plasmid frequently over the past few years, further
characterizing it.  I contacted both C. and R. via email early last week
but have yet to receive an answer (perhaps I am being to impatient?).

While I write a letter the old conventional way, I would appreciate any
info on this matter.

Sincerely, Patric.

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