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john markwell markwell at unlinfo.unl.edu
Tue Nov 1 11:37:58 EST 1994

AMCARTHU at UVVM.UVIC.CA (Andrew McArthur) writes:


>We wish to purchase a spectrophotometer that can do a detailed scan of
>absorption between 240 and 340 (ie. more information than a simple
>A260/A280 ratio for DNA purity).  Any advice would be appreciated.
>Thank you.

>Andrew McArthur
>Department of Biology
>University of Victoria

For a scanning spectrophotometer you can either spend a little or a 
lot.  At the bottom end of the price range, I recommend the Shimadzu 
UV1201.  It can be readily interfaced with an PC so that the data can 
be exported or manipulated in a spreadsheet.  We spent less than 
US$8000 with interface and software (minus the PC).  It works pretty 
well and is simple enough for undergraduates to use.  If you have only
a little money and will settle for a single-beam instrument, it is OK.

John Markwell

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