AUSTRALIA, Sidney, St. Vincent's Hospital, Dr. J.A. Eisman et al??

Gabriel Dorado bb1dopeg at
Tue Nov 1 06:06:21 EST 1994

I am trying to find the Email or Fax number of any of the following
researchers at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia (I could not
reach them by post!):

Place: Bone and Mineral Research Division, Garvan Institute of Medical
Research, St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales 2010,

People: Dr. John A. Eisman

Or any of his collaborators, including:

Dr. Nigel A. Morrison; Dr. Jian Cheng Qi; Dr. Akifumi Tokita; Dr. Paul
J. Kelly, Dr. Linda Crofts; Dr. tuan V. Nguyen, Dr. Philip N. Sambrook.

G. Dorado
Internet Email: bb1dopeg at

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