Luciferase antibody

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>Subject: Luciferase antibody
>Date: 1 Nov 1994 20:44:52 GMT

>Hi ! Does anybody out there know if Luciferase antibodies are commercially
>If you do know of a source, could you please e-mail me the name of the company
>the telephone number if possible. I need the antibodies to do a histochemical
>on tissues from a transgenic mouse line we have established. Thanks in advance
>Keith Alvares
>Department of Pathology,
>Northwestern University Medical School
>Chicago, IL
>Kalvares at

Rabbit Polyclonal anti- (firefly) luciferase:

   Promega,   catalog nr. E 4191


Gregorio Fazzi

E-mail: G.Fazzi at Farmaco.RuLimburg.NL
Dept.Pharmacology, Univ.of Limburg, 
Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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