HA epitope TAG: is 12CA5 the only Ab available?

Steve Miller Sgmiller at netcom.com
Wed Nov 2 11:01:16 EST 1994

In Article <01NOV94.25777015.0067 at VM1.MCGILL.CA>, "DE ANGELIS,DINO"
<BG2Z000 at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA> wrote:
>Dear netters
>I am looking for a non-mouse anti HAtag Ab in order to do double immuno
>staining in transfected cells using another mouse Ab. In fact, even a
>biotinylated, digoxygenin or fluorochrome conjugated version of 12CA5
>would do the job for me. Any pointers would be greatly apperciated.
>Thanks in advance
Check with Babco (Berkeley Antibody). They are marketing 12CA5 and were
recently working on a rabbit polyclonal. It might be available by now.

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