Rf: EDTA in cell fractionatio

LOGAND logand at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr
Wed Nov 2 10:42:04 EST 1994

>2nd Year requires background of using disodium EDTA in cell
>fractionation.  Is it just to buffer Ca2+ ions?

>Just a quick note of why the EDTA is used and typical concs. would be
>gratefully appreciated.  Send clues by email, thanks.

>Neil Benson

It could be for at least two reasons:

1. to buffer magnesium and calcium cons. so conc. too low for activation of 
proteases or other detrimental enzymes.(EDTA has higher affinity for Mg, EGTA 
for Ca)

2. in order that the ER produced is all ribosome free - Mg required for ribosome
attachment to ER.

Conc. used depends on required effect normally in the range of a couple of mM.


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