ICN translabel trouble

Wed Nov 2 17:21:49 EST 1994

Dear Readers,

	I have been using ICN Tran35S-label (35S L-methionine) tolabel my 
actively growing cells.  This batch I bought is Lot No. 183:358.     Reference
 date August 11, 1994.  I am horrified to see that the proteins labeled have 
energy in the excitation range of tritium instead of the 35S (Using a 
scintillation counter -- I have used two seperate ones --each individually 
calibrated to check for effeciency).  ICN swears that they just couldn't have 
made any mistake.  I was wondering if the disintegration pathway leads to a 
tritiated by-product -- which doesn't seem to be the case.  (quenching effects
 have been taken  into account and the shift in the excitation range cannot 
be accounted for.)

	I would be very grateful if somebody could try and help me figure out
What has been happening.  I wonder if somebody else who has used the same batch
(Lot number) has had a similar problem and/or if this has happened to somebody
somewhere before me.



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