Need Help with Northern Blot

Brian Halloran bghallor at
Thu Nov 3 13:29:06 EST 1994

Our lab is trying to become proficient with Northerns, but we
can't seem to get it right.  After many months, we are tired of
trying to "re-invent the wheel" (about as futile as re-inventing
the government) and desparately nned some expert advice.
    We can get good RNA on extraction, and run good gels, but
    must be having probs with transfer and/or hybridization.  

    If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.  Ideally this grapevine
    will find someone at the Univ of Nebraska Med Center where we
    are at so that we may get some real hands-on advice.  

    I feel that just one week of someone's expertise will bring
    us up to speed, so the posibility exists of someone from my
    lab travelling to a good center to be trained. 

    Thanks in advance for your consideration

    Brian Halloran
    e-mail replies to:  bghallor at 

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