Luciferase sensitive to dilution

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Thu Nov 3 11:57:06 EST 1994

Dear netters,

In my transfections I obtained unproportionally poor luciferase readings in 
samples where I had only few cells left (e.g. 5- 10% confluency, 60 ul reporter 
lysis buffer in one well of a 24 well plate).
Promega answered that luciferase is indeed sensitive to dilution in the reporter 
lysis buffer (RLB). The cell culture lysis reagent however has a higher 
detergent concentration and luciferase is more stable. So, for cells that are 
washed away easily during transfection you might want to think about reducing 
the amount of RLB, or increase the cell density to begin with, or include some 
BSA in your buffer.
Just wanted to share that information
Yours sincerely

Dr. Roger Aeschbacher
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