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> I am soliciting comments on sequence analysis software that is personal
> computer based.  We are currently using GCG on the vax and find it
> quite cumbersome and overall difficult to use.  I have sent away for a
> thirty day trial of the Intelligenetics PC/Gene.  I can use either a
> MAC or Dos-Windows format.
> Thanks for your help.

our lab uses a number of different analysis programs including DNA Star,
DNA Strider, Geneworks (the Mac version of PC Gene) and Sequence Navigator
(the sequence analysis software for the ABI 373 autosequencer.  Geneworks
has become the standard and everyone uses it for most analysis situations.

although there are people in this lab who think that Geneworks is the worst
thing since Hitler, i actually kind of like the way that it works.  it's
newest version (2.3.1 i think) is very easy to use and powerful.  this is
the one that i use in conjunction with Navigator which i use to clean up
data from the autosequencer before putting it into Geneworks,
unfortunately, Navigator isn't a very useful analysis program and is very
clumsy.  Geneworks has an excellent interface and most things can be done
using common sense (i used it for a few months b4 i read the manual).

hope this is helpful,


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