a problem in protein purification

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Thu Nov 3 16:43:16 EST 1994

Ding Ming (ming at ahabs.wisc.edu) wrote:
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: > it?).  There are three possibilities you could try.  

: Jim,

: there is at least one more possibility he/she could try:)
: Dr. Richard Burgess's group had developed a "soft elution" procedure when
: they were working on RNA polymerase a few years ago. The basic discovery
: was that IgG bound protein can be eluted from the affinity column by a
: solution of ammonia sulfate. This procedure was used to solve one of the
: problems I encountered at a similar situation. I am sorry that I cannot
: give you the reference at this movement, but you can find it by doing a
: little bit search.

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 Thanks for the reply, I did exactly what Jim suggested. ie, tried high 
pH DEA elution and 5M LiCl elution. It didn't work out. In fact I am trying 
conventional methods now. I wonder if ming could dig out the reference 
and send it to me. I did the search on Richard Burgess and didn't find 
the reference ming refered. thanks a lot for the suggestion. yl

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