Stability of Heparin

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Thu Nov 3 14:55:56 EST 1994

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Raman) wrote:
 > Dear Netters,
> I have been using Heparin as non-specific competitor in my gel-retardation
> assays at the concentration of 10 ug per 15 ul reaction.  I had made up
> a 20 ug/ul stock about 6 months ago and had it stored at 4^C.  I have had
> very good specifc shifts so far. Unfortunately, it isn't working now. In
> the process of trouble shooting the problem, I was wondering about the 
> stability of heparin at 4^C.  Is this storage temperature ideal for heparin
> in solution?  Or does it need to be at freezer temperatures? Also, if anyone
> out there has been using it for gel-retardation assays, is there preference 
> for any particular salt of the compound? I have been using the sodium salt 
> of heparin.  
 Ramanujam Raman:
We aliquot our heparin and freeze it.  Although we use it in cell culture
not in gel retardation, my lab would not consider using it if it were not a
fresh vial.
This may or may not make a difference in your case, and I'm not even sure
critical for us; it's just how we've always done it.
B Stickney

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