HA epitope tag problems

K. Legate g9013118 at mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Thu Nov 3 19:41:45 EST 1994

In article <-sc2.sdsc.edu-011194190052 at mac203.salk.edu>,
 <-sc2.sdsc.edu> wrote:
>Here's my 2 cents, I've used an N-terminal HA tag that worked great for
>western blot detection, but not at all for immunoprecipitation

Another 2 cents...I've used an N-term HA tag that's worked great for 
immunoprecipitation. I think it all depends on your protein. If the tag 
is buried within the tertiary structure, it's useless unless you denature 
the protein first, as in the Western blotting.


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