Use of Amersham's Hybond N+

Charlie Wright Genetics cw117 at
Fri Nov 4 07:23:34 EST 1994

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara <un691cs at> writes:

>do any of you have experience with Zetaprobe from Biorad
>and how does that compare to Hybond N+  ??? I am now#
>working with hybond, but my impression is that zetaprobe
>is better.

>No relationship with any of these companies.

>clemens, heidelberg

I have tried both, but have more experience with Hybond N+.  I find 
Hybond perfectly fine for everything I do, but zetabind seems to work.  I 
have not done quantitative tests, but the difference in my hands was not 
appreciable.  I think, with many things in Mol. Biol., it's a matter of 
personal preference (or prejudice...)

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